La Muerte Ink is opening in Oulu!

We will open a new comfortable studio in Oulu during August 2021!


Our new private tattoo studio will open in Oulu in August 2021. Our studio will be located in a peaceful location just a few kilometers from the central. By private we mean that we work behind closed doors and thus try to avoid unnecessary visits in the studio. Appointments and consultations happens by e-mail.

We have invested in comfort so that your tattoo session runs as comfortably and painlessly as possible. Workspaces are equipped with the best equipment in the industry with televisions and streaming option. Customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, snacks and coffee / tea. A maximum of one (1) support can be brought in, but we still hope that when the tattooing starts, the support will leave so that we can focus on work.

The easiest way for us to arrive is by car and parking is free of charge. We are located about 10 minutes from the airport and train station.

We are currently taking reservations for the Oulu studio and filling out the autumn 2021 calendars. Please be the first to check out our portfolios from the links below and feel free to contact us via email about the project!

Instructions for making an appointment can be found on the BOOKING PAGE


kimmo3 pieni

Kimmo Angervaniva

Tattoo artist / Owner


Styles: Mostly black-gray realism, but also little bit of colors
Favorite subjects: Portraits, celebrities, animals, all weird and funny stuff

Sanna1 pieni

Sanna Angervaniva

Tattoo artist / Owner


Styles: Colorful painting style realism, blackwork
Favorite subjects: Flowers and animals