La Muerte Ink is moving to Oulu!

We will open a new comfortable studio in Oulu during August 2021! The location of the studio will be specified during the summer.

It has been an awesome 9 years to run La Muerte Ink in Helsinki and make our dreams come true with talented artists, great clients and awesome projects. However, now is the time to turn a new page in our lives and return to our roots in Oulu. We would like to thank everyone who has visited us as customers all over Finland all these years. We hope that as many people as possible would be eager to travel to Oulu in the future to get tattoos as well. ❤️

We will close our studio in Helsinki at the end of June 2021, and the new La Muerte Ink will open in Oulu during August. The artists in Oulu are Kimmo and Sanna Angervaniva. We are already booking appointments to OULU!


kimmo3 pieni

Kimmo Angervaniva

Tattoo artist / Owner


Styles: Mostly black-gray realism, but also little bit of colors
Favorite subjects: Portraits, celebrities, animals, all weird and funny stuff

Sanna1 pieni

Sanna Angervaniva

Tattoo artist / Owner


Styles: Colorful painting style realism, blackwork
Favorite subjects: Flowers and animals


We are already making reservations for the Oulu studio. We will fill up calendars from August 2021 onwards.

Please be the first to check out our portfolios from artists instagram pages.

Instructions for booking can be found on the BOOKING PAGE.

NOTE! Enter “Kimmo Oulu” or “Sanna Oulu” as the subject of the e-mail.