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High quality tattoo studio in Munkkivuori, Helsinki

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We require all our customers and artists to use the mask in the studio. If you come by public transport, please use the mask as recommended during the trip. At that time, the mask should be changed upon arrival at the new studio. Please bring your own mask with you if possible. If you do not have a mask, we will offer one from the studio. The mask can only be used momentarily away from the face during eating, drinking and smoking.

If you have any questions, please email us at (at)

– you feel absolutely sore (runny nose, sore throat, cough, heat / fever)
– Someone in your family is sick
– You returned from abroad less than 2 weeks ago.

During the corona epidemic, we have emphasized precautions for the safety of our artists, as well as our customers. Some of our staff are at risk, so we want to minimize risk by all means
Updated 7.10.2020

1. DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO IF YOU FEEL ILL AT ALL, or if you have a spouse / child who is ill / flu. Report it immediately by e-mail to The earlier the notification comes, the more likely we are to get a customer for you from a later calendar, which will, in the best case scenario, free up time for you in the coming weeks. If you come to the studio ill and are returned home, we will charge a € 100 booking fee.

2. If you or a member of your family has returned from abroad within 14 days before the booked session, please contact us immediately by email at and we will reschedule your time for possible germination. Be sure to mention your artist’s name, return date, and reserved tattoo time in the email.

3. If you work in a profession where you have a higher risk of becoming infected, please contact us by email and we will postpone your allotted time.

4. Don’t bring support troops along, nor invite friends to visit the studio. For now, we’re keeping the number of people in the studio to a minimum, so we’ll have to turn extra people away.

5. Avoid public transportation when coming the studio. However, if you come in public, we hope you wear a face mask and take care of hand hygiene throughout the trip.

6. Hand disinfection is available as soon as you enter the door. Disinfect your hands before touching anything. After that wear face mask. We will then instruct you to wash and disinfect your hands again.


Located in Helsinki’s Munkkivuori, Talinranta since 2012.

La Muerte Ink Tattoo Studio is a high-quality and reliable family business in the field of tattooing, owned by tattoo artists Kimmo and Sanna Angervaniva. The studio is inspected and approved by the health authority. From the beginning the principle was to create a cozy, living room like tattoo shop. Our staff will make sure that you will feel relaxed and the time flies during session. We don’t stare clock during tattooing, and usually we like to focus on one customer per day.

Our open-plan studio has large guest seats surrounded by curtains. All of our customer locations have TVs through which you can watch Netflix, Viaplay, HBO, etc via your own smartphone. The studio also has free Wi-Fi for guests. Coffee, tea and snacks are always available. Our studio is air-conditioned, guarded and equipped with video surveillance.



Mesenaatintie 1
00350 Helsinki

We are open by appointments only.

You can find our email address from Booking page.
Always contact us by email in any cases.