Please read the instructions carefully before booking and send all the required information and pictures via email.

We only do tattoos on healthy skin. You should tell in advance if you have any health-related inconveniences related to getting a tattoo or healing it. For example, bleeding disorder, atopic skin, dye allergy / hypersensitivity, psoriasis, epilepsy, diabetes, scars on area, blood thinning medication, etc. For example, when tattooing on a rash or scar, we do not provide a warranty for that area.



  • for minors (K-18), even with parental consent. Proof of age of young person (passport / driving license / identity card).
  • on fingers, toes, intimate areas, face or mouth
  • for first timers on the side/ribs, neck, throat, back of the palm or the middle of the chest.
  • for pregnant or breastfeeding
  • for persons who are drunk, hangover, or under the influence of drugs
  • on top of skin changes, created or skin diseases.
  • over scars less than 2 years old
  • for patients with blood-borne diseases (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis)
  • that are racist, offensive, gang badges, etc.
  • for ill people due to the risk of infection and inflammation


Please use some time to send all informations and attachments to first email. This will speed up the appointment process. If possible, write always in the same thread so we can find conversations from same thread when we start designing a tattoo.

Our artists go through emails a couple of times a week, so be patient. When the booking is open, the response time is 2-10 days, depending on congestion.


  1. Enter the artist you want as the title. Make sure the artist calendar you want is open on the ARTIST PAGE.
  2. Tell us your name, phone number, age, place of residence
  3. Tell us shortly about the tattoo you are planning for. (Size, position and side, color / black-gray, style, etc.)
  4. Attach a photo of the place where the tattoo is going to be
  5. Include 1-2 reference images of your choice. Notice that we do not copy tattoos made by others, but they can be inspirational photos.
  6. When inquiring about a cover-up tattoo, please send a picture of your old tattoo taken in good light and about 1 m distance.
  7. Your desired day (s) of the week for an appointment between Tuesday – Saturday. We start working at 12 noon. Please note that Saturdays are the most asked days, and available appointments can go much further.
  8. Mention if you want your tattoo to be completely vegan. Please also mention this to your artist when you get tattooed. (Please notice that some realistic tattoos like portraits cannot be done by vegan transfer paper)
  9. Mention if this is your first tattoo. Please read the Getting tattooed from Info-page.
  10. If you have a gift card, please state the gift card number and date of purchase when booking.
  11. Please always try to use the same thread when sending e-mail related to the project. We respond to messages on a first-come, first-served basis, so please avoid sending repeated inquiries or additions to your message as they will take the message behind the queue.


We often charge a BOOKING FEE for projects planned in advance or for several sessions. We will send you instructions on how to pay the booking fee by e-mail. Payment must be on bank account within 10 days of the message. Please also notice the interbank transfer time 1-2 days.


  1. The booking fee serves as a guarantee that you have considered taking the tattoo to completion and will arrive at the agreed time. If the booking fee has not been paid before the deadline, the booking will be removed from the calendar. So make sure you pay the booking fee on time. If payment is delayed, please let us know by email.
  2. After paying the booking fee, your booking is binding. The booking fee will only be refunded if the tattoo artist has to cancel the booked time and new appointment cannot be arranged within a reasonable time.
  3. Any changes to the tattoo should be informed at least 1 week before appointment. Any reference images should also be submitted no later than one week before the session. If there have been changes to the tattoo and the artist has made unnecessary designing, the booking fee will not be refunded.
  4. The booking fee will be refunded in the price of the tattoo. If more than one appointment is booked, the booking fee will be refunded in last booked session.


  • Don’t come to studio if you are feeling ill. If you become ill, notify us immediately by email as soon as you become ill so that we can have another client on your farm. By presenting a medical certificate, your booking fee will remain valid.
  • We can refuse to do a tattoo if the client arrives ill (flu, cough, fever, infectious diseases, etc.). If the client arrives without announcing their illness, the tattoo artist has the right to cancel the tattoo session and take the amount of the booking fee as a payment of cancelled session.
  • If you have to reschedule less than 5 days before the booked time or forget to arrive at the agreed time, you will lose the booking fee. When booking a new time, you must pay the booking fee again. Any other reserved times will also be moved to the end of the queue.
  • The appointment can be re-scheduled a maximum of 2 times.


  • We do not send designs in advance for viewing.
  • We always do designing on the morning of the same day, or at studio when you come to get a tattoo. For this reason, it is important that you provide all the necessary information regarding your tattoo by e-mail and notify of any changes no later than (1) week before the appointment.
  • If the materials have not been delivered in advance, or there have been changes to the tattoo that have not been announced in advance, the booking fee will not be refunded in the total amount. If, for example, the tattoo cannot be performed during the booked time due to a changed idea, then the booking fee must be paid again when booking a new time. So please make sure that you send the materials at least week before appointment.
  • We only do tattoos that we think are good looking, so please be open to our suggestions. We design all of our tattoos ourselves, so making own design or commissioning a design from third party is usually unnecessery.


  • The starting prices for our tattoos start at € 100.
  • Our session prices vary between 350-700 euros. The final session price is determined by the number of hours worked and the complexity of the work. You can inquire about the maximum price of the session from your artist. Our prices always include tattoo designing and 24% VAT.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to estimate the total cost of large multiple session projects in advance. The price is affected by the size, the number of details, etc. For some, for example, the skin absorbs color better than others. If the pain threshold is low and there are a lot of breaks, then the work is often slower.
  • Cover-up tattoos and renewals / repairs of old tattoos usually always cost more than tattooing in a new area, as there is usually more work and designing than tattooing in a blank area. Cover-up tattoos may also require a second coloring.
  • Please also let us know if you have a price cap for your project, we will assess whether the project can be implemented within the budget.


  • Debit / credit cards Visa and Mastercard. (We don’t accept American Express and Diners Club). Please check that the card payment limit is sufficient!
  • Cash
  • Gift cards. Please check Gift cards from Info-page.
  • For visiting artists, the payment method is generally cash, unless the card payment is specifically mentioned. Always reserve enough cash when you come to get a tattoo from a Guest artists. The nearest ATM is located in Munkkivuori Shopping Mall (~ 2km).


Please check the portfolios, calendar situations and booking conditions on this page carefully before booking.