1. Remove the plastic approximately 3 hours after the tattoo. Then wash your tattoo carefully with light rubbing. Tap your tattoo dry with a clean towel and let it breathe about 10 minutes. When the tattoo is completely dry, apply a thin layer of aftercare lotion (Bepanthen or Tattoo Creme) with clean hands or rubber gloves. Do not use Helosan. It is recommend to use plastic wrap around tattoo for the first 2-3 nights, because tattoo will lose some extra ink and tissue fluilds. When waking up, always remove the plastic and wash the tattoo carefully with light rubbing and preferably with mild odorless soap.

2. Keep your tattoo clean. Don’t cover it with tight clothes and don’t touch it with dirty hands. Always wash hands before touching your tattoo. Tattoo heals faster when it can breathe, so try to give air for your tattoo and wear breathable clothes.

3. Wash your tattoo in the morning and in the evening using mild odorless soap. Dry and let the tattoo always breathe about 10 minutes before adding lotion. Add thin layers of lotion about 4-5 times a day or whenever it is dry.

4. If you are at work where the tattoo may be exposed to rubbing or contamination , put the lotion on, and protect if necessery, use plastic wrap around tattoo and attach with skin tape (Micropore for example). Fresh tattoo is an open wound that may become inflamed if it gets dirt or bacteria. First week is most important.

5. During the first few days, the tattoo is often little bit swallen and sentisive. This is normal and will relief in few days. If any problems comes, please email us and include an image of tattoo so we will give you further instructions on how to handle it.

6. Do not scratch your tattoo. Scratching may cause permanent damage to the tattoo or infection. Tattoo may itch a little bit during healing process. If itching becomes unbearable, try to put some lotion on. You can also try to pat your tattoo slightly. If it doesn’t help, you might have oversentisivity for some pigment. Let us know and we will give instructions for that.

7. Tattooed skin starts to peel in 3-4 days after tattooing. This is completely normal and belongs to the healing process. During that the tattoo will look a little bit lame, but the colors will brighten up in few weeks. Healing usually takes 2-3 weeks and colors will settle completely in couple of months.

8. Sunbathing: Fresh tattoo will burn easily. First year is most critical and we recommend using kids sunscreen during first summer.

9. If you have any queries or problems with your tattoo, or if you have any other questions, feel free to email us at

WARRANTY 6 MONTHS. If tattoo has faded more than normal after 2 months of tattooing, send us a picture of it via e-mail. We will retouch your tattoo without charge if the aftercare instructions have been followed properly. If the colors has faded because of scratching, sunburn or poor aftercare, we will charge normally of retouching. So please take care of your tattoo properly.

We do give warranty to tattoos on fingers, palms, feet, toes or other abundant renewable areas.