La Muerte Ink is a high quality tattoo studio in Munkkivuori, Helsinki. We design all our tattoos according to your wishes and create tattoos with a strong craftsmanship in our comfortable studio. Please check out porfolios and make an appointment via email at I usually takes 1-10 days to respond, so please be patient. Our website is mainly written in finnish language, so if there’s anything to ask, please contact us via email. You can find more tattoo photos at our Facebook-page and Instagram pages. There’s direct links to every artists personal Instagram-pages in our front page.

First of all, browse thru portfolios to find an artist for your tattoo. You can see also waiting lists for artists from front page.

We don’t do walk-ins, or tattoos with short notice. Only by appointment. 



  • Your name, phone number, city & country, and age (Minimum is 18 years).
  • Tell shortly, what and where you want your tattoo. (Subject, colors/black’n grey, style, placement, artists if specific).
  • If you want a tattoo based on existing model or photo, attach it to email. We don’t copy existing tattoos. Attach only couple your favourite references, not the whole folder, because it’s easier way to us to create something you like. Use only picture files (jpg, bmp, gif, etc), not word, powerpoint for example.
  • Attach a photo of area where you want a tattoo.
  • If you want your old tattoo to be covered up, send us a picture of an old one. Be open minded with cover-up, because usually compromises needs to be done for the best result.
  • We do only tattoos we like, so please be open minded with possible changes to your desired design or subjects to get best result.
  • Mention if you have some disease which might interfere tattooing or healing process. Hemophilia, atopic skin, psoriasis, diabetes, lots of moles in area, etc. We don’t do tattoos to people with HIV, hepatite, AIDS, etc.
  • We don’t do tattoos to face, mouth, or intime area. We don’t do tattoos for first timers to side/ribs, throat, neck or middle of the chest. We don’t do tattoo gang symbols, racistic stuff etc either.



  • Starting price is 200€ including approximately 1 hour of tattooing. We charge 100€/h of next hours.
  • Examples
    • session including 3 hours of tattooing is 400€.
    • session including 6 hours of tattooing is 700€.
  • Prices includes designing and 24% VAT.
  • Usually it’s difficult to estimate total cost of big several sessions projects as sleeves. Total cost depends of many thing as amount of elements and details for example. If you have a budget for your project, please mention it in email.
  • We charge a 50/100 € booking fee. Booking fee guarantees, that you’ve decided to take a permanent tattoo and promise to come for your appointment. Booking fee will be refunded in last booked session. We don’t transfer booking fee back, unless tattooist cancels appointment and cannot arrange new appointment within (1) month wait.
  • Let us know if you want your tattoo as vegan

Payment by cash, Visa Debit/Credit or Mastercard Debit/Credit.

Appointments and cancellings by email to (ät)